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28 August 2010 @ 06:12 pm
I just found out that one of my best friends in High School committed suicide T_T
01 June 2010 @ 08:51 pm
My little brother's fanfic, he wrote it when he was 12 years old to it is totally safe.
i betaed it for him ^_^
i think he writes better then me -.-

Sho’s Flight
My name is Sho. I live in the village of Henshin. In here everyone has a power, we gain them by the age of 12. Every child has the potential to change the world with their unique powers. Growing up I always had my best friends at my side. Aiba has the ability to talk to animals. Nino has the power to create illusions. He can create anything his mind desires. MatsuJun has the power to make force fields. Finally, Ohno, the oldest of the group, has the power to control water.
Each of my friends got their power before I did. Each of their power also matches them. Aiba is kind of like an animal anyway. Nino‘s illusions help when he is pranking anyone in sight. MatsuJun is strong-minded uses his powers to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Ohno is just like water, calm but when aggravated becomes rough and unstoppable.
Me? The power I got couldn’t be any worst!
Me! The scaredy cat of the group!
Me! The one who wouldn’t even climb a tree when we were younger.
You know what power I got!!?
How in the world am I suppose to fly?
On the day that I first got my power, I was so scared that I fainted! MatsuJun even had to put up a force field so that I wouldn’t float away while I was unconscious. On that day my friends vowed to help me overcome my fear of heights.
The first one to try to cure me was Aiba. He got the idea from the birds in the forest. On the second morning that I got my powers, as soon as I awoke, Aiba dragged me out of bed. The whole way I tried to ask him what method did he think of (not to mention that I was still in my pajamas) . All he kept saying was “don’t worry, don’t worry. It’ll work!” Knowing Aiba, that just scared me even more as I tried to get away from my crazy friend. He pushed me all the way to the beach. There he told me to jump and flying will come naturally! HE BROUGHT ME TO A 40 METER CLIFF! And he expected me to JUMP! “No way am I jump off this cliff!”
“This is how they do it!” he exclaimed, “my bird friends told me that to fly, their young have to jump from a high place!”
I know that Aiba was only trying to help, but still… A CLIFF! “I’m not going to jump off a cliff.”
“Don’t worry it will work!”
I looked at him like the crazy man that he was, but before I could say anything else, HE PUSHED ME!
WAAAAAA!!!! As my life flashed before my eyes all I could think about was stupid birds! But right before I hit the rocks that would have surely made my life come to an end, Ohno saved me! He had been fishing since early that morning and had noticed the commotion that Aiba and I had caused. He got to me just in time and saved my life!
When I finally got to safe ground I felt as if I was still having a panic attack. I was shaking so hard and my mouth kept opening and closing with no sound coming out. Aiba came running from the cliff, apologizing all the way. I knew that he only meant good, so I told him that it was ok, just not to do it again, but then! Nino and MatsuJun came out of the forest. Nino said, “you know, Sho, Aiba’s idea might just work.”
I looked at him as if he were as crazy as Aiba. “Did you just see that now? I didn’t fly! I fell! And the only reason that I’m alive is because Ohno saved me!” I yelled back at him.
“No, Aiba might have been a bit brash when he did that, but with Ohno there to save you and my force fields as back up, then there would really be no harm,” stated MatsuJun.
I looked at my crazy friends and I knew that they were going to throw me off that cliff whether I said ok or not. “Well, I guess we could try one more time,” I sighed.
“That’s what we wanted to hear.” Nino said, “but Aiba, you stay out of it and go to the other side of the cliff and just watch.”
“But why can’t I do anything?” whined Aiba.
“Because you almost killed him the last time!” replied Nino, “and we don’t want you get in the way any more.”
So they brought me up once more to that high cliff. I was so scared to even look down. From across the cliff I could Aiba cheering me on. But then the unthinkable happened. Aiba, who had been standing on the other side, had looked down and saw that there was a baby chick stuck on the side of the cliff. Trying to help it, he reached down, but his footing slipped and he fell. Seeing this, I jumped towards him, not thinking anything else but to save him.
I flew!
I managed to catch Aiba right when he was about to hit the rocks. When we both landed Aiba said, “but the chick is still up there and it needs our help!”
Nino and MatsuJun looked at each other and laughed. “What are you laughing at? Aiba almost died and there is a chick to be saved!” I exclaimed.
“Actually no, Aiba was never in any danger and there is no chick to be saved, that was all part of Nino’s illusion.” stated MatsuJun.
“Yes, we knew that you would have never flown on your own unless we made you, so we made you.” Nino stated, as if it was a natural thing to trick your friends into falling off a cliff.
After a long day, I had learned how to fly. Even though I did owe it to those two STUPID friends of mine. That night I talked to Aiba about having his bird friends poop on those two friends of ours and maybe I would show them how my “flying lessons” paid off by dropping something else on them later. Heheheh…
The End.
01 June 2010 @ 07:04 pm
thank you Lelae ^_^